The world's largest VAT, GST & IPT network

With over 40 offices in Europe and more than 100 globally, TMF is the leader in VAT, GST & IPT compliance. For your convenience, TMF offers a single point-of-contact to this worldwide network, ensuring you stay focused on your core business.

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Overview of the TMF Office's in Europe

VAT & GST Services

For companies trading abroad, worldwide VAT or GST can represent the first regulatory hurdle. Add in the language and cultural obstacles, and the barriers can seem insurmountable. TMF can help keep your business on track and cash flow losses minimised. Its 86 offices around the world can assist with VAT or GST registrations and returns, and help with speedy and secure European VAT reclaims.

IPT Services

Insurance companies and captives providing multi-jurisdictional risk cover often face the requirement to register for, collect and pay over European or international IPT in each tax jurisdiction they are operating in. With limited and conflicting information available on the requirements of the various tax authorities, EU and global IPT can be truly daunting, and a big distraction from successful business. TMF can take care of this. Its on-the-ground professionals understand the local European or global IPT requirements, and can ensure that you are compliant.

Single Point-of-Contact Service

Whether you require European or worldwide VAT, GST or IPT services, TMF offers a single contact point for the whole of Europe and beyond. You only have to deal with local professionals to secure compliance across the entire European Union and beyond.

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